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  • physical bitcoin core full nodes, ready to plugin in your home network. nodes are preconfigured for anonymous connection through TOR; This is strongly important to keep your total security and privacy, with authoritative verification of transactions and secure broadcasting of your transactions in total privacy anonymously;
  • coldcard wallets, imported from producer for Switzerland, in original secured bag with guarantee code. A must for hold in extreme security and privacy your bitcoin holdings;
  • opendime, an hardware tool for bring with you bitcoin as a bearer value;



  • ATM for changing euros to bitcoin, realtime, by appointment, only in Roveredo office; full confidentiality and security. Amount are transferred realtime;
  • Consulting for configuration coldcards, nodes, and security setups; We can assist in setting up your cold storage, connecting to your node and securizing the whole system;
  • Bitcoin privacy services, to keep maximum privacy of your bitcoin holdings; We can assist in strategies to keep your right to privacy for your holdings;